A Job for early Spring - Water Tanks 

Minimise pests and diseases by making sure that you clean out the water tanks before the water is turned back on. The date is weather dependent, but usually around the beginning of April.    

 It is unlikely that we will need to use much for a little while, however our sandy soil soon drains, so please make sure you keep your water tank healthy by cleaning it out and avoiding contamination. Do not wash plants, pots or produce directly in the butt; transfer water out of the tank to clean your tools or trays. Also please remember -  CLIPS on the tanks MUST BE replaced as soon as the tank has been used. This is a crucial health & safety requirement to avoid risk of drowning. With more children on site, parents will be especially vigilant but we all have a duty of care to our members to keep everybody safe. 


Vandalism and damage on the site

Unfortunately we are continuing to receive reports

of damage to property on the plots.

Please report all incidents to Dorset police and inform us 

Click the link below to report to the police:

Report an incident to Dorset Police on-line