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Winner of Bournemouth's 'Best Allotment Site Award 2017'

We are recognised as one of Bournemouth's most popular allotment sites

Harvesting Cauliflowers at Bournemouth East Allotment Society

Bournemouth East Allotment Society have two adjacent sites that are divided into a total 104 plots.

Many of the plots are also sub-divided into 'half' and 'mini' plots.

New applicants will be offered a half or mini plot in the first instance.

These are often more readily available and easier to manage for first-timers who wish to start the rewarding hobby of allotment keeping.

We also have six 'wheelchair friendly' accessible raised beds.


There is a waiting list. As of 16th April 2018 there are 41 people on the list. 14 would like a half plot, 13 would like a mini plot, 14 are waiting for either.

It can sometimes take up to 2 or even 3 years to get to the top of the waiting list, depending on what type of plot you are waiting for. In reality though the wait is often much shorter.


New tenants pay a non-returnable one-off joining fee of £20.00.  After that there is an annual rent of £21.50 for a half plot, £13.25 for a mini plot, £5.00 for a wheelchair accessible raised bed, plus a membership fee for all tenants of £3.00 per annum and National Allotment Society (NAS) affiliation fee of £3.00 per annum. Applicants joining the waiting list for an allotment might also like to consider becoming an Associate Member. This costs just £5.00 per annum and gives you use of the shop on site and in addition you will receive copies of the members' newsletter, keeping you up to date with the Society's news.


Tenants may have one key each for a returnable deposit of £10.00 per key. The key also gives access to the two unisex toilet facilities on the larger main site. One of the toilets is fully wheelchair accessible.


We have our own shop situated on the larger of the two adjacent allotment sites. The shop is open to all members. You can browse the SHOP section of our website for details.

How To Join

Getting an allotment & becoming a member.

Allotment Raised Beds with Becca May 2015

There is always a great deal going on for BEAS members to get involved with. Whether it's work in local schools, the annual Open Morning, community activities or helping out in the Shop. You don't have to be an allotment holder to be a member. You can register as an 'Associate Member' for a small annual fee and enjoy all the benefits and discounts the allotment shop has to offer.


If you wish to apply for an allotment, visit the APPLICATION FORMS page of our website, download a form and return it to the Secretary. Application forms are also available from the Allotment Shop on the main site during opening hours.


If you wish to become an Associate Member please call into the Allotment Shop on the main site during opening hours and ask at the counter.