Meet the BEAS Committee

Our volunteer team

A warm welcome from our Chair, Linda Taylor.

Linda Taylor

Bournemouth East Allotment Association (BEAS) is a self-managed site. The land is owned by Bournemouth Borough Council but, within the terms of our lease, we can run our own site. This does take a lot of work and is managed by a team of volunteers who are voted in as ‘The Committee’ at the annual general meeting.

This year (2016-17) we are a team of 12, all allocated different roles, to help and support plot holders and make sure the allotment site is well maintained, safe and an enjoyable place for everyone.

A good person to know is the Site Manager, John Pitcher and his team of plot monitors (you can see who your plot monitor is below).

Along with Andrew Dawson, Assistant Site Manager, they can be particularly helpful to new plot holders, providing support in the early months and advising on what can and cannot be done as part of our lease – a human face to the ‘rule book’! Their role, with John, is to make sure we are all doing our bit to maintain the standards we have to meet – and we did in 2016 when we won the Best Allotment Site Award.

The shop is a good place to go to top up on seeds, compost and other necessary paraphernalia to help you successfully (we hope!) grow some produce. You can usually a bit of free advice and chit chat too. Peter Clarke and David Barron run the shop and the opening times are here. We are always looking for extra people to cover some of the shifts so if you feel you can help please contact Peter or David – it’s a good way of getting to know people.

Managing plots and tenancies is important to make sure that all plots are always let and that the allotment site continues to thrive. Our Secretary, Lynda Clarke, supported by Linda Barron, Assistant Secretary, is kept busy making sure that the membership is up to date, the waiting list is well managed, and that all legal and administrative issues are managed and up to date.

And there's more, we also have people who are responsible for the finances, making sure we stay solvent. We all get involved in community events, fund raising, managing the website, writing the newsletter, and any other issues that come up. This year (2017) we are heavily involved in negotiating the terms of our new lease, which will be in place for the next 20 years or so.

Willing volunteers needed! If you feel you can help in any way let me know and I will put your name on our list of volunteers! From helping at the Open Morning to cleaning out the water butts or doing a bit of general maintenance there is always something to do and many hands make light work for a team of willing volunteers.

The committee is shown below. You may contact me and I will try and help or point you in the right direction.

Feedback is welcome. We are always trying to make things easier or better and I would welcome any ideas you have on how we could improve life on the allotments. If you spot me on the site please talk to me or email me here. I hope you enjoy being part of the BEAS community.

Linda Taylor

John Pitcher Andrew Dawson

John Pitcher (L) & Andrew Dawson (R) - Site Manager & Assistant

Peter Clarke David Barron

Peter Clarke (L) & Daivd Barron (R) - Shop Manager & Assistant

Lynda ClarkeSusannah Atif

Lynda Clarke (L) Secretary,  Susannah Atif (R) Publicity Officer,

David Taylor

David Taylor - Member of Plot Monitoring team