We now have in stock the garlic and onion sets for autumn plantin. Shallots should be here next week or the week after.




Welcome to BEAS

Winner of Bournemouth's 'Best Allotment Site Award 2017'

We are recognised as one of Bournemouth's most popular allotment sites

Harvesting Cauliflowers at Bournemouth East Allotment Society

Bournemouth East Allotment Society have two adjacent sites that are divided into a total 104 plots.

Many of the plots are also sub-divided into 'half' and 'mini' plots.

New applicants will be offered a half or mini plot in the first instance.

These are often more readily available and easier to manage for first-timers who wish to start the rewarding hobby of allotment keeping.

We also have six 'wheelchair friendly' accessible raised beds.


There is a waiting list. As of 16th April 2018 there are 41 people on the list. 14 would like a half plot, 13 would like a mini plot, 14 are waiting for either.

Meet the BEAS Committee

Our volunteer team

A warm welcome from our Chair, Linda Taylor.

Linda Taylor

Bournemouth East Allotment Association (BEAS) is a self-managed site. The land is owned by Bournemouth Borough Council but, within the terms of our lease, we can run our own site. This does take a lot of work and is managed by a team of volunteers who are voted in as ‘The Committee’ at the annual general meeting.

This year (2017-18) we are a team of 10, all allocated different roles, to help and support plot holders and make sure the allotment site is well maintained, safe and an enjoyable place for everyone.